June 6th: Stories to Lift the Cloud

Feeling a little dark lately?  Can’t seem to shake that image of a black, billowing cloud just over the horizon?  It isn’t just your imagination, dear reader.  That cloud is real, and there.  But what good are you doing, sitting in your chair  and reading the New York Times and getting pissed?   Either buy some rubber boots and a plane ticket, irate reader, or do something to take your mind off of it.  Come to Book Party, and get a little out of it and into the mind of someone else, for just an evening.

Ride your bike on over to the Mandrake and celebrate the small pleasures in life, like riveting stories and delicious drinks.  Patrick O’Neil will read from his memoir, Opacity, and Michelle Huneven will read from her newest novel, Blame. You might have heard of it.

From the New Yorker:  “In the short first section of this elegant, hair-raising novel, Joey, a precocious twelve-year-old, gets her ears pierced by her uncle’s girlfriend, Patsy, who seems like a minor character until Part Two, when she wakes up in jail and her story takes over. Patsy is a blackout drunk, accused of having run over and killed a mother and daughter in the driveway of her house. In prison, where she works at a firefighting camp, she is forced to join A.A., and guilt drives her not only to make amends but to do good. Released and sober, she takes an apartment with no associations, returns to her job teaching history, marries, and is negotiating a sticky web of relationships, when Joey, now in her twenties, reappears, with disorienting information. Huneven’s prose is flawless, with especially arresting descriptions of the Southern California landscape, and her strong but fragile heroine is mercilessly honest.”

Dark and Stormies will be on special, DJ Orb will be on hand to spin the literary set list, Blame just came out in a gorgeous paperback and will be available for purchase, and our city’s immense and varied literary talent will be on display.  Please come join us.

WHEN?  Sunday June 6th, 7:00 pm

WHERE?  Where else?  Mandrake – 2692 South La Cienega, LA CA  90034 (btwn Venice & Washington)

WHO?  Michelle Huneven & Patrick O’Neil

WHY?  Because you deserve it, dear reader.  Come and let a little light in for an evening, before things get darker.


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