June 21st – Come out of Seclusion, Dear Reader!


Where have you been?  It’s been so long since we’ve last seen you.  It’s time to come out of literary seclusion and join us for a night of poetry, prose and bookish togetherness.  This Sunday, Patty Seyburn will read from her new book Hilarity.  How could you miss a writer whose work Carol Muske- Dukes says this about?  “In a time when there’s little to laugh about, Patty Seyburn’s Hilarity is an epic punch line:  sparkling and smart.  I rely on her ‘sort of music eliding joy and pain’ –and the echoes in the great church of disbelief to keep us all sane and savvy.  Read Hilarity and weep, and laugh.  And get better because of it.” 

And not only will Patty make you weep and laugh, but J Ryan Stradal will tell you a story that will make you happy it’s June in Los Angeles and you have the good fortune of being alive.  And all at the Mandrake, with tasty cocktails and a rocking DJ and other readers and writers, actually out of their houses and into the night!  What magic awaits, dear reader.  So please, put away the white outfit, take your hair out of the bun, and come out of your room and leave the homestead!  Excellent new writing awaits you at the Mandrake at 7.  We’ll help you honor thy father by honoring good books and good strong drinks, something all dads surely would approve of. 

Where?  Mandrake.  2692 South La Cienega, 90034

Who?  Patty Seyburn.  J Ryan Stradal.  You, Dear Reader.

What?  Strong Drinks on Recession Special.  Lovely Writing.  Glossy Books.  Music You Like.  Attractive Strangers that Read.

When?  Sunday, June 21st.  7:00

Why?  Let’s do it for Ms. Dickinson, who said her father’s “Heart was pure and terrible and I think no other like it exists.”




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